Meet our sister company, VeryTraining

Alongside VeryHR we run VeryTraining, or VeryT for short.

We believe we are each born authentic – hence the name VeryT (or Verity, Verité).

Conditioned by our own expectations, and the expectations of those around us, it’s easy to lose our authenticity. We become less of who we really are.

The VeryT training programmes can help you rediscover your true self.  You will learn how to build deeper relationships with others so you can achieve above and beyond what you thought possible.

We offer NLP and Mindfulness training alongside a multitude of other programmes where you will gain a indepth understanding of who and what you are. You will learn to love and value yourself and others more too. You will become more effective at accomplishing your goals and embracing the life you want. You will get positive results for you and for the betterment of the world.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our students say:

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