Putting the ‘human’ back in human resources


Putting the ‘human’ back in human resources

Venture capitalists or other businesses involved in acquisitions and mergers

You want a successful outcome for your merger or acquisition but don’t want to get tied up in the process.

If you are acquiring, being acquired or merging we can make the process smooth and the outcomes ones that exceed your expectations. We can:



on local legislation requirements



due diligence


Help ensure

continued high employee engagement

Provide coaching and mentoring

to relevant leaders, managers and teams


outplacement and redundancy

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VeryHR can help to ensure your strategy is working to its full potential.
By working in partnership with an external HR consultancy, you’ll discover that HR is so much more than just compliance.


Keep compliant
It’s important to be compliant, both at home and abroad, and with VeryHR’s experienced HR consultants on board you can rest easy knowing that your business is in safe – and up-to-date – hands.

We are passionate about people!
We want our clients to thrive.
We can help you attract the right talent for your business, and we can encourage and inspire your people to perform at their absolute best.

Are you stuck trying to navigate employment legislation?
It’s not always easy keeping up-to-speed with business legislation as well as everything else you’ve got going on, but it’s so important that you do.

In need of support in these challenging times?
Find peace of mind with VeryHR
It’s a tough time for many businesses at present and difficult decisions do need to be made. But don’t panic, you’ll get the support you need from the team at VeryHR.

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