Putting the ‘human’ back in human resources


Putting the ‘human’ back in human resources

Start ups with high growth ambitions

You have been in business a couple of years.

You want to scale, be that in terms of your production or taking on larger clients. You need to build your team. We can:

Work with you

to build a recruitment strategy to grow your business – making sure you attract the right talent

Put processes in place

to make sure you keep that talent – support with onboarding, creating employee handbooks, building benefits packages, best in class performance reviews

Help you leverage and nurture

that talent – support with employee engagement, team profiling, coaching, mentoring and training
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Quality Franchise
Association UK

Looking to expand internationally?

Our expert guides are a must - COMING SOON!

It’s important to be compliant, both at home and abroad, and with VeryHR’s experienced HR consultants on board, you can rest easy knowing that your business is in safe – and up-to-date – hands.

Is your HR strategy working to its full potential?
With help from VeryHR, you’ll drive your growth and productivity
By working in partnership with an external HR consultancy, you’ll discover that HR is so much more than just compliance.

Add value to your business
At VeryHR we help our clients thrive
We’re ready and waiting to add direct value to your business. Whether you need full or part-time HR support, we can and we will tailor our offerings to suit your individual needs.

In need of support in these challenging times?
Find peace of mind with VeryHR
It’s a tough time for many businesses at present and difficult decisions do need to be made. But don’t panic, you’ll get the support you need from the team at VeryHR.

Maintaining strength right from the roots!
VeryHR can help you thrive
With a people-focused and pragmatic approach to human resources, VeryHR understands what’s needed to build the best teams and implement strong leadership from the off.

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