247.ai Success Story


As the name suggests. 247.ai provides round the clock business support services to businesses.

They include IT and hi-tech telecoms solutions as well as services that help businesses with their digital marketing, physical and virtual locations and financing.

The Challenge

VeryHR began working with 247.ai in 2013. At this time the London office had recently hired a new General Manager to grow the business in the UK. The  office had just 6 employees and almost no HR structure.

VeryHR was hired to provide a full suite of outsourced HR services, supporting not only from an admin perspective but also to coach,
advise and lead the business so it could integrate into the UK market and achieve its growth objectives.

The Approach

VeryHR took on a mentoring and coaching role with local leadership and within 4 years the UK office grew to 22 employees.

‘We were impressed by the results VeryHR achieved for us in the UK, so we asked them to help us build teams in Sweden where we now have 26 employees and in Sydney, Australia where we have recruited 6 sales people.‘
says Nick Mitchell from 247.ai

In late 2017, VeryHR supported 247.ai in an acquisition that resulted in the hiring of 32 employees.

Throughout this period of change, VeryHR continually advised on employee issues and ensured that engagement remained high despite the uncertainty that employees were experiencing. For instance, VeryHR introduced DiSC methodology into the business, training leaders and coaching individuals based on their DiSC profile. The tool proved extremely valuable in team events and on an individual level led to highly impactful in depth career and goal orientated discussions.


VeryHR built a true partnership with 247.ai leaders, specifically in Europe but in the US too. They acted as a trusted and critical friend to the business during a period of intense growth as well as change in strategic direction.

The business reached the stage where it required an embedded HR function. So VeryHR made the case to [24]7 for a full-time employee to take over the reins and continue to deliver value to the business.

Julie is super responsive and extremely helpful. She understands labor and HR policies for a wide variety of countries and works to get things done. She’s been an excellent resource for me and my company and a pleasure to work with – even when it’s 1am for her!

Kevin Payne

Vice President of Marketing, 247.ai

Julie has an excellent background in managing complex issues and was hugely supportive in assisting the business develop across the region. Her involvement was proactive and diligent. She has a very open style and has the ability to manage difficult issues in a gentle manner. She can be available to act as advisor and confidant and can help make the difficult issues a lot more palatable.
Nick Mitchell

Managing Director, 247.ai

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