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Why The UK Is Facing An Increase In Tribunal Cases!

Now this is big news in the UK but probably not so much for our international friends. Up until 26 July 2017, the UK had in place some tribunal fees which. To lodge a case, you had to pay £1000 fee. This saw a decrease in cases of 70% over the last couple of years....

Gratefulness In Business

With the festive season fast approaching, it’s the time of year where we start to spend time looking forward to the New Year and reflecting on the year that’s been. Most of us in marketing and strategic planning will also be mindful of wanting to thank customers and...

Finding the Right HR Partner

As I was going over my LinkedIn feed, I started wondering if I could pick and choose the most amazing team to work with me or one of my clients. Which talent would I pick? Who would I choose to bring life, energy, creativity, and passion to the business? Who would...

The Corporate Challenger

We live in a corporate world where everything must be done at speed. Everything must be done so fast that we must be able to multi-task. Stephen Covey’s quadrant comes in handy when organising our daily home and work lives.  On the odd occasion work and home life...

What Makes An Acquisition Successful?

Acquiring a new company can be an absolute minefield, bring along the complexities of acquiring a company across different geographies and this brings in some fundamental challenge. Not only in terms of aligning working practices and aligning roadmaps, but bringing...

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