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Why AI and Automation is critical to HR

As HR professionals we should absolutely celebrate everything that is human in an organisation. Central to this is our role in championing those essentially human skills and capabilities that can only be performed by people. At the same time, it would be farcical to...

Where Have We Been Going Wrong With HR?

Most companies we engage with at VeryHR, initially contact us for an audit or because they have a compliance or performance-based issue. It’s fair to say, the most commonly known view of HR is based on Fordism. That is clearly defined structures, paths and direction....

Techniques to boost confidence

Published in We Are The City on 25.02.19 You are not alone in seeking to boost your confidence. Close to 90 per cent of the population is actively looking for greater confidence right now. However, confidence is a very big word. Ask for a definition and no two people...

Is your HR human enough?

I had a very fun conversation with Nicholas Ismail from Information Age last week about the future of HR and some of the key technologies out there. Is your HR human enough? Read the interview.

Female Entrepreneur of the Year

For those who know me, I am passionate, hardworking and slightly insane. I challenge myself each and every day to get what I want and deliver the most value to my clients. It’s not all rose tinted glasses and fluffy unicorns. It’s hard, gut wrenching sometimes and...

Where does the rise of AI leave HR?

Published in HR News on 17.01.19: Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wonderful thing. Most of my clients work in the technological space so I am personally amazed at the everyday advancements that are being made. From the simplest of robots and what it is able to...

What to watch in 2019: The year ahead in HR

Published in HRD Connect on 27.12.18 As we are wrapping up 2018, it is always good to keep an eye on what’s up ahead. I strongly believe that HR leaders need to remain at the forefront of people strategies in order to support our businesses to retain a competitive...

How to beat stress using NLP and mindfulness

Published on NetDoctor on 02.11.18: Mindfulness and Neuro-Linguistic Programming coach Julie Provino offers her expert tips on beating stress and living your best life. Stress is a day-to-day occurrence. Many of us spend our lifetimes being busy, jumping from one task...

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