For those who know me, I am passionate, hardworking and slightly insane. I challenge myself each and every day to get what I want and deliver the most value to my clients.

It’s not all rose tinted glasses and fluffy unicorns. It’s hard, gut wrenching sometimes and plain exhausting.

And then, out of the blue some of these little things happen, like winning Female Entrepreneur of the Year by Thames Valley business awards!

It’s insane, it’s exciting and confirms my belief that nothing happens with you letting life lead you.
You are responsible for you and your future, you committing yourself to your own purpose, one step at a time.

Truly humbled that all of these efforts were recognised. Sometimes, you rise and refill yourself with all that goodness to continue with determination and gusto.

I am truly humbled Alan Brooker thank you.

This is where I applaud all of us entrepreneurs out there! Never give up!

Obviously, nothing would truly happen without this amazing team and their continuous support Joseph Provino Richard Mellor Simone Bonnett Tanya Gaffon Ella Davidson Lucile Abdennaji Emily Delahaye Julien Ricca Nina D. Lucy McCarraher Andy Leaver Alison Paimpare-taylor