Well first of all, I would like to congratulate Kran Sondh from the Cook Curry Club for winning the female entrepreneur of the year award at the recent Thames Valley Business & Community Awards. I believe that your accomplishments, to date, are truly well deserved and an example to many young women and men out there.

Of course, I will admit that for a couple of short minutes I secretly wished that I had taken your place on stage, thanking my team and my family for their relentless support, and, as a little inspiring gift. asking people to stop thinking about themselves and start believing in what they can be

And then  I realised that my journey is not over yet. It is only just beginning. An award is there to celebrate outstanding accomplishments. Most of which are still to come in my case. Surely I was shortlisted for my passion, my drive, relentlessness and passion. There is no doubt about that. My desire to make the world and my community a better place.

This time, the award wasn’t mine to have.

It reminded me that in addition to all of these qualities, resilience, patience and strength of character are also key skills embodied by successful entrepreneurs. Building the right connections, juggling priorities and having fun. That is something to continue to strive for. And this is what Kran clearly demonstrates in her achievement.

So I, for one. Am humbled by the opportunity that was given to me in being shortlisted.

I am grateful for the evening’s lessons and am anxious to get back on the entrepreneurial treadmill!

Congratulations to everyone that was nominated and / or shortlisted. We are rockstars.