About Us

We are a growing consultancy with a big heart.
We thrive on advising high-energy startups and corporations from the UK and all over the world, on European HR matters. Not only that! We offer training tailored to your specific individual needs too!
We are absolutely passionate about everything to do with HR and Europe.
A little about us
All of our consultants have worked in the HR industry, across Europe, for many years. In fact, our principal consultant, Julie Provino, has more than 15 years’ experience providing HR services to some of the world’s most exciting businesses.
Go beyond your potential…
Authentic people and businesses go beyond their ‘potential’, they exceed it. By continuously learning, growing, maturing and adjusting, people can really do anything they want. And, in an HR context, that fuels and empowers companies to achieve more than they thought possible. Creating the HR conditions for people and their businesses to succeed is what we do.
Doing more, achieve more…
Whilst doing what we say we are going to do is a given, we do more. We expect the people we find for our clients to do more too. Doing more is a route to self-actualised people and businesses, and defining what should be done, and when, is what we do.
Know more and make your move…
Some companies are apprehensive about hiring people, opening operations in new countries or purchasing new businesses. Legal compliance, cultural language barriers to HR expansion, or everyday localisation issues just seem too enormous to transcend. We know Europe and we know about HR across Europe.
We provide not only support (outsourced and ad-hoc) we also plan, design and deliver tailored training programs specifically for you and your teams to enable you to actualize on your business goals and facilitate your people to personal and collective success.
We absolutely love solving our clients’ HR challenges.
We know how to help and guide you
It’s what we do best and what we have done for many years. Doing what you excel at is the pre-curser to becoming a self-actualised person and company. Look around the world at high-energy people and businesses that love their work; the results lay in their end of year achievements.

Your time is a valuable asset. So let us do what we do best allow you to do more of what you do best. From full outsourcing to ad-hoc projects, we can design and deliver solutions for you to facilitate you getting the best out of your people, process and procedure.

Solving European and local HR challenges…
Many of our clients herald from all over the world and have a vast array of exciting challenges. This means that more often than not, we have experienced some of the issues that you may be facing right now. In addition, our vast network of recommended partners increases our local presence and expertise in the region.
From delivering a business unit, or dealing with the people issues surrounding a merger or acquisition in Europe, to Talent development, strategy development, management reporting, and employment tribunals, just to name a few. We solve all these HR challenges for them and you.
Our clients are a high-energy bunch… we share your successes

We love working with clients that are high-energy, go-getters. Clients, usually from the technology space, that transcend the seemingly impossible, every day of every week. Clients that have done so well in their own countries that they now want to take on Europe, or st